My PPC University Open Book Exam Guides

What are Open Books?

Official Google AdWords exams are open book, meaning that you’re allowed to use notes, books and even websites as a resource while taking official Google AdWords exams.

On the other hand, Google exams are timed — and the time available to answer each question is relatively limited. So, if you are unsure about question’s answer, you’ll need to find the information fast. However, it’s often difficult to locate information efficiently within handwritten notes, books and websites.

This is where PPC University’s Open Books come in: We’ve designed our Open Books to make them available in a separate tab of your browser. Further, these guides are also easily searchable, so you can zero in on important info while racing against the official Google AdWords Exam’s clock.

Open Book Exams are listed on top of this page. Click on the link to access Open Books you are entitled to access in a separate browser tab — before taking the official Google exam. To search an Open Book during your exam, press CTRL+F on your keyboard and enter your search term.

Good luck!