My PPC University Open Book Exam Guides

What are Open Books?

Official Google Ads exams are open book, meaning that you’re allowed to use notes, books and even websites as a resource while taking official Google Ads exams.

On the other hand, Google exams are timed — and the time available to answer each question is relatively limited. So, if you are unsure about question’s answer, you’ll need to find the information fast. However, it’s often difficult to locate information efficiently within handwritten notes, books and websites.

This is where PPC University’s Open Books come in: We’ve designed our Open Books to make them available in a separate tab of your browser while you take the official Google Exam in a different browser tab. Further, these guides are also easily searchable, so you can zero in on important info while racing against the official Google Ads Exam’s clock.

Open Book Exams are listed on top of this page. Before taking the official Google exam, open the relevant Open Book in a separate Browser window. Then open your official Google Ads exam page in a new browser tab. This allows you to take the Google exam, while having the Open Book one click away. To search the Open Book during your exam, switch to the Open Book browser tab, press CTRL+F on your PC keyboard (or Command F on Mac) and copy a search phrase or a keyword that’s contained in the question of the official Google exam (search phrases composed of three to four keywords work best). Hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to scroll the Open Book to the first occurrence relevant to your search. Repeatedly hit ‘Enter’ to jump from one occurrence to the next until you found the most relevant answer to your exam question. We recommend you practice the usage of Open Book with a Mock exam of your choice before using it during the official Google Ads exam. You’ll be amazed to discover how well this works.

IMPORTANT: Open Books become available to you when you have achieved a minimum score of 87% in any of the mock exams of any given course. You will receive an error message when trying to open an Open Book for which you have not yet achieved the required minimum grade.

For example, lets assume you have achieved 92% in any of the Google Search mock exams: The Open Book for Google Search will become accessible to you. On the other hand, if you have achieved only 85% in any of the mock exams of the Google Display exam preparation course, you will NOT have access to the Open Book for Google Display – but you will continue to have access to the Open Book for Google Search as you have achieved 92% for a mock exam of that course.

Please bear in mind that only the current highest grade of any mock exam that you have taken in a course will determine if you can access the Open Book of that course. This means that even if you have achieved a minimum passing grade of 87% in a mock exam of that course before, but you have retaken that same mock exam and achieved a grade lower than 87%, the last (lower) grade will decide! This means that the Open Book will no longer be accessible to you – even if you had access to it in the past. Your ‘My Achievements tab’ must show a current passing grade of 87% or higher in at least one of the mock exams of a particular course for the open book of that course to become available to you.Good luck with your Google Ads exams, and please do brag about your Google exam success using the social media buttons in the “My Achievements” tab of your profile page! PPC University encourages bragging rights! 🙂