The Kickstart Digital Marketing Business Course

What you get?

  • The Digital Agency Course helps students who are aspiring to become digital marketers. These courses enable you to understand what you need to know in order to fully start your very own home-based digital agency.
  • Here we are going to talk about the foundations that are required in establishing an agency and serving clients.
  • You will be able to study and understand tools and components that is a must when you want to start working under a digital agency.
  • The digital agency course is designed with a simple goal in mind: to help people start their very own digital agency at home.

Course Syllabus

We will talk about everything that you need to acquire in order for you to be recognized as a Professional Digital Marketing Agency. Here we introductions to the tools you will be equipped with once you have successfully accomplished the Digital Agency Course.


  1. Convertri
    • Convertri is a tool in the Digital Agency Course, which allows you to create your own website and also offer website building services to your clients.
    • Convertri is a funnel builder that aims to help you build amazing landing pages that focuses on optimization and speed. It is intended to assist you convert website visitors into target customers, and turn those target into paying customers.
    • Convertri is for PPC University students who take marketing seriously, who want to champion PPC services and put it to good use.
  2. Endorsal
    • In this section, we will talk about the tool called Endorsal which focuses on client’s testimonies and reviews.
    • Endorsal is the tool you will need to gather client feedback and testimonials. It can also help improve your online reputation to greater heights. This tool is a must when you want to grow your online presence and help you achieve a powerful SEO, social media and PPC Campaigns.
    • Endorsal equips your website with a full display of testimonials, so you are able to achieve a higher quality endorsement in very minimal time.
  3. Convertful
    • Another useful Digital Agency tool is Convertful which assist clients increase their conversions rates.
    • With the help of Convertful, you are provided with a dozen solutions for on-site lead conversion. Having problems with website pop-ups or widgets? No need to worry! Convertful is built to assist you in designing, integrating and handling leads.
    • Convertful is made for PPC University students who take lead generation seriously. For students who want to master the PPC services and make good business out of creating attractive pop-ups and widgets.
    • Convertful will you draw out a powerful influence to consumers, giving you a lot of leads which you can be handy while campaigning for your website.

In this portion, we will be talking about our clients. How do we find clients with the help of a Digital Agency, and what measures will we be taking in order to keep them happy and gain their loyalty.


  1. How to find your first client?
    • Part of the benefits of having your own digital agency is that you are able to target the right people who will become interested with what you have to offer. By being involved with digital agencies and managing it well, you already have openness to reach out to the audience and build on customer loyalty.
    • Digital Agency can assist in bringing your company more and more costumers. Once you have mastered how to fully manage your digital agency, you can make use of its benefits such as reaching more potential customers.
  2. Oviond
    • This tool is designed to assist you in campaigning your businesses’ progress and performances to your clients.
    • It is used to incorporate your marketing data into one platform that is easy to visualize, enhance and operate reports about key performance indicators. Oviond is mainly used for internal monitoring of Ads, SEO and Social Campaigns of our clients and send beautifully designed progress reports to the clients.
  3. How to manage clients?
    • Digital agencies have the potential to transfer the way you reach out clients and get them involved.
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