Ocoya: Social Media Content Marketing

OCOYA is the one-stop shop content marketing tool you’ll ever need. It will enable you to create, distribute and optimize content. OCOYA’s platform features will help you on consistent audience engagement and help keep track of your search engine rankings on top of the game.There are numerous benefits and features of the platform’s use. We would like to highlight OCOYA’s superhero features that will help you achieve your ROI, ASAP! Check out our walkthrough video so you can see the powers of this tool for yourself! 

Who is this for?

OCOYA is for the PPCU UCA students who take marketing seriously. Students who wants to champion PPC services and make good business off it. It will give you the super powers to market your own PPC marketing services with a well-executed SMM strategy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and LinkedIn, ecommerce and many other integration. You can also opt to offer SMM services to your own clients.

Key Features

You want to step-up your marketing game? OCOYA will provide you the platform that you needed. The best possible features, solution and integration in one place. 

Easily design eye-popping images surrounding your product or service. Use the in-house editor or Canva to personalise your graphics.


Generate short-form videos that will drive your engagement through the roof. Pick from thousands of royalty-free videos.


Tool’s AI analyses your image to generate the most relevant hashtags that are trending to gain you optimum traction.

Tool’s AI analyses your image to generate the most relevant hashtags that are trending to gain you optimum traction.

Tool’s AI analyses your image to generate the most relevant hashtags that are trending to gain you optimum traction.

Captions are also personalised to your image. Generate captions to most effectively sell your product or service.

Don’t want to post right now? Ocoya will suggest posting times optimal for maximising your traction.

Look at the advanced KPIs important for marketers formulated by Ocoya. We’ll also provide you with suggestions to optimise.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Buffer, Hootsuite – All your profiles are in one place.

Launch Facebook and Tiktok ad campaigns seamlessly and plan your budget efficiently.

Use Jubb.ly – the in-house link shortener to save space when posting links on your social channels.

Remove any background from any image with 1 click. Works best with ecommerce products.

(CPM, CPC, CTR, CTA, SSOV, ER, Impressions, Engagement, Growth, Reach, Applause, Amplification, Virality, Likes, Followers and Shares)

Are you running out of good ideas for creative content? Do you keep on missing the schedule for posting on your social profiles? Are you lost in analytics? Or perhaps, you wanted to build your brand from scratch but is lost in transition. You wish there is some sort of superpowers that can save you from all these. Good news! We got you covered!

It is a fact that content marketing is the lifeline of businesses especially if you want to be relevant online, but, it can take a toll at times. Often, people think of it as a complicated and bank-breaking task. You don’t have to worry anymore, we have just the right tool for you. 

OCOYA will help your content marketing needs from start to finish.


Joe Surcliffe the COO and Co-founder of OCOYA on his APPSUMO post:

“There are two core outcomes when using Ocoya:
🎯 Save time – on average our users save ~80% of their time content marketing with a simple graphics editor, instant marketing copy generation and seamless scheduling – all-in-one place. So you can focus on running your business.
🎯 Build traction – overall our users have seen a 59.43% month-on-month increase in engagement on their social media profiles since starting with Ocoya. Ocoya’s stunning templates and high converting copy can help drive your follower base.”

“Best for: Small businesses looking for a complete content marketing solution that saves time and resources.” 

Partners and Integrations


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How does the offer work?

We are offering OCOYA on an exclusive and limited PPC University student price. Here is how things will work:

Ø  Available seats:

It is limited. Yes, only 70 slots are available. 

Ø  Suggested usage and limitations:

You can use the powers of the tool to promote your own business online, or you can utilize it as a part of the services to be offered to your clients.   

The offer includes the following:

5 social profiles 

Unlimited scheduled posts

Unlimited creatives

Unlimited use of Travis AI™

Calls with social expert

Advanced analytics (in progress)

Branded reports (in progress)

Private API (upon request)

As of the moment, we can only offer the tool for PPC University students to help jump-start their brand and/or online marketing business. The license of use is non-transferable.

Ø  Availability:

The offer is exclusively available to the students of PPC University.

You must have an active membership with PPC University to purchase and use tools offered through PPC University (student MUST have an active membership: valid course, or any other subscription on PPCU).

The offer is on first come, first serve basis. The slots are limited only.

1 month for $144 then $47 / Month