Google Certification Courses

Google Certification Courses - State-Of-The-Art Exam Preparation

Composed of questions that have been adapted from official Google certification exams, our Google certification courses and mock exams have been designed to accomplish one simple goal : getting you officially Google AdWords certified, requiring less time and effort through our state-of-the-art instructional design.

1. For PPC Professionals and Digital Marketing Agencies, our Google certification courses achieve an average success rate of 96.3% for passing official AdWords certification exams upon first-attempt.

2. For Marketing Graduates and those considering a New Career Path in Digital Marketing, Google certification courses educate you about AdWords while simultaneously getting you officially AdWords certified!

The traditional approach to learning, where students listen to boring in-class presentations and devour mega-volumes of textbooks SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK! This outdated, time-consuming model of learning is ineffective, and it’s time for a change of pace.

In 2013, a team of cognitive and educational psychologists demonstrated in a scientific study that engaging in practice testing from the start improves the learning process: “The most effective study techniques across a range of learning conditions were practice testing (with feedback) and distributed practice.”

To learn more about the results of this study, click here.

This is why PPC University offers Google certification courses and practice exams that serve both the experienced PPC professionals and novice digital marketing students with a two-fold objective:

Experienced PPC professionals can run through our Google certification courses and mock exams to refresh their existing knowledge while getting acquainted with new exam question styles and answer formats. Thus, this allows PPC specialists to successfully complete their annual AdWords certification fast.

Novice PPC students are given the opportunity to complete the same final exam questions with the objective to “focus on what’s most important first”. By doing so, beginners can quickly familiarize themselves with the most important concepts and terminology. Naturally, at first, final exam questions can prove difficult for a novice to answer, but each practice exam question is paired with incredibly detailed feedback and links for further reading. We call this the “Bottom-up” approach to learning a new skill.

In the traditional “Top-down” learning approach, devouring text books for weeks or possibly months is an inescapable fact of life. Comparatively, our “Bottom-up” approach allows you to dive deep in the text when YOU need to and at your discretion. With this approach, you can practice more (the final exam questions) and study less (the huge text books and in-class presentations).

In our pursuit of further improving memory retention, PPC University introduces “mnemonic” questions and answers in Google certification courses and practice exams. Our mnemonic Q&As use humor to increase memory retention. This makes learning AdWords more fun — while, at the same time, boosting success rates in final exams.